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Press release 12/2012 Inner Space Training: well prepared for a peak experience in space

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December 13, 2012

Inner Space Training: well prepared for a peak experience in space
The Hague - Now that André Kuipers has returned from his space adventure, space is a “hot” topic again in the Netherlands. More and more people are increasingly becoming interested in  anything to do with space and want to experience themselves as well  what a spaceflight is and what it would feel like. This requires suitable preparation. Inner Space Training (IST) has developed a training to prepare future commercial astronauts for their spaceflight.

Space has never been as accessible as it is now. Several commercial companies are developing spacecrafts to bring tourists and researchers in the coming years to space; various initiatives are also originating from the Netherlands.  Additionally, there are also new space companies popping up (even in the Netherlands) to help prepare commercial astronauts for their space flights: a kind of space training.

Peak experience
Inner Space Training makes it possible to get the most of this unique experience. The training is developed to prepare space tourists for their space flight. Astronauts will be weightless for a short period of time. To get the most out of this priceless experience, stress management, openness and sensitivity need to be optimum “in the moment”. These qualities are necessary for space tourists but at the same time they are very useful here ‘on earth’. We have all had experiences where we had hoped to perform better. If you panic, or freeze, because you aren’t prepared well enough, you will miss out on your experience. IST is an excellent training to get the most out of your experience.

The technology used in the training is a spin-off from what has been developed for the space industry. On earth, the technology can also be used as an important tool, for instance in the world of competitive sports and training for top business executives. IST has been founded and developed by an entrepreneur from the Hague, and is doing business globally.

IST is interesting for a wider audience, despite having been developed for a smaller target group: commercial astronauts. It’s not only useful but also extremely exciting.

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Note to the editor:
Inner  Space Training (IST) is the first space flight training which is specially developed for commercial astronauts, to mentally prepare them for their spaceflight. IST would like to help people get the most out of their unique experience. This training is also very applicable for top athletes and business executives to achieve peak performance. Mindy Howard is the Founder and Lead Trainer of IST; the first space training ever developed to psychologically prepare commercial astronauts for their space flights. She has been on NASA’s “Highly Qualified Astronaut Candidate” list numerous times and is a Flight Member of “Astronauts for Hire”.  She is still working on achieving her dream and is confident that it will happen, either in orbital or suborbital space. IST would like to help people optimize their spaceflight and get the most out of their “once in a lifetime experience”.



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