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Inner Space Training: Not just for astronauts, but for top sporters too!

January 29, 2013 The Hague -  Technologies for space are often used on earth. Inner Space Training (IST) uses the technology of brainwave entrainment,  to train astronauts, high performance athletes, and business executives for optimal performance. Using this technology, readily available on the market, athletes will be able to get themselves in “the zone” and improve their focus  and better control their anger while in the game, so that they can perform at their peak. The technology requires only 6-8 weeks of practice, before seeing results.  Inner Space Training uses a portable machine, the size of a hand, called MindSpa. MindSpa is a low cost product that athletes can use in the privacy of their own home.  At the moment, Tjerk Kramer, top player for AZC Alphen  is testing the tool for his own performance improvement.

Peak Performance
A person is said to be “In the zone” when their mind is relaxed but fully focused, e.g. as a golfer would be before the swing is made. There is also a physiological change in the brain when someone is in the zone, and has been measured by researchers to be at 10 Hz, in the “Alpha Brainwave” mode. Getting a brain to lock into 10 Hz. can either be done by practice using meditation, breathing techniques, neurofeedback, or machines like the MindSpa, which train the brain quickly. By repetition, the brain learns what being in Alpha mode looks like, and can be triggered on command, if a trigger is introduced. Using MindSpa, the brain will start to be trained between 6-8 weeks, if the person is using it daily for 30 minutes. Most people will notice after training, improvement in their focus as well as gain a better ability to control their anger or let irritants go. This effect can only be an improvement for top althletes’ performance because it will enable them to get into a state of being “in flow”.  

Innovation in sport
Top Sport Waterpolo Alphen (TWA), facilitating the topsport  Waterpolo program  in Alphen, is always looking for ways to improve player’s performance. Director of the TWA, Eric Noordegraaf states, “It is not always a player’s physical skill which might be holding him/her back from playing at his/her best. Often a player’s mental state of mind will influence the player’s performance much more than we think. In fact, a player’s mental state is often the difference between a good player and an excellent  one.  We at TWA believe that it’s time to start addressing this, and are interested in Brainwave Entrainment as one way to improve our player’s mental skill. If this trial proves to be successful, we will think about making this tool available to more of our players and as part of our training program”. Innosport, a branch of the Nederland Olympic Committee, (NOC),  is also using a similar tool for their athletes, and have obtained very positive results as they reported by their Olympic Athletes a few months ago in their monthly newsletter, “Lopend Vuur”.

Inner Space Training is developed by an entrepreneur from The Hague, Dr. ir. Mindy Howard.  She has founded IST as a business to train commercial astronauts, top athletes and business executives using the tool: MindSpa  and is doing business globally.

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