You have only one chance to achieve your mission!

  • Be in a calm state despite the G-forces and everything going on around you 

  • Prepare for the psychological and emotional challenges of different flight phases

  • Focus your mental acuity and concentration to accomplish your own personal mission in space

  • Create strategies to deal with other passengers to maximize your experience

  • Create the pre-conditions in yourself to enable the Overview Effect to occur.

Topics of IST include:

  1. Psychological acclimation and anchoring

  2. Peak experience and conditions to create one

  3. Intention setting for your journey

  4. Situational Awareness Flow Protocol (theory)

  5. Situational Awareness Flow Protocol (practice)

  6. Understanding Spacecraft Culture

  7. Brain Wave Entrainment (BWE)- theory and practice for optimizing your “inner space”


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