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Exploring Outer Space Begins With Maximizing Your Inner Space:

Train your mind and the body will follow...

sirisha looking out the window.jpg

Photo of Sirisha Bandla courtesy of Virgin Galactic

courtesy of Virgin galactic.png
  • Be in a calm state despite the G-forces and everything going on around you 

  • Prepare for the psychological and emotional challenges of different flight phases

  • Focus your mental acuity and concentration to accomplish your own personal mission in space

  • Create strategies to deal with other passengers to maximize your experience

  • Create the pre-conditions in yourself to enable the "Overview Effect"

  • Accomplish your own personal mission in space or air

Topics of IST include:

  • Psychological acclimation and optimal response for the flight profile 

  • Peak experience, Peak performance and Flow and learning how to perform optimally under pressure

  • Creating the pre-conditions in the brain to achieve the "Overview Effect"

  • Intention setting for a successful journey

  • Situational Awareness Flow Protocol (theory)

  • Situational Awareness Flow Protocol (practice)

  • Forging the ideal spacecraft culture

  • Brain Wave Entrainment (BWE)- theory and practice for optimizing your “Inner Space”

For astronauts: IST Program
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