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Overcome Fear of Flying

Do you have a  persistent and excessive fear triggered by flying or the thought of flying? As many as 20 to 40 percent of people are apprehensive about flying, and  around 7 percent of the population have such an acute fear of flying that it prohibits them from being able to enjoy the flight experience or being able to fly at all.

Cure in 1 Day!

How does it work?  First, a personal consultation with Dr. Mindy Howard will identify your personal difficulties with thoughts around flying.  Focusing on the feelings associated with these, she will guide you to "tune into" your individual stress source by adjusting the frequency dials, and then listen to the BAUD's frequency-separated sonic waves. This specially generated sound induces a third frequency, known as a "binaural beat," deep within your brain. This phenomenon helps you actually shift your brainwave patterns, creating a mental state that facilitates the release of stress and fears. The BAUD has a 98 percent rate of effectiveness. To see how a typical session would look like to cure the fear of flying,  as shown on the Dr. Phil and Oprah programs,  

Which personalized program is best for you? 

- Individual Program - test results on the ground

- VIP Program- test results in flight

Prices are available upon request, and will reflect the costs of airplane travel and ground transportation to your location for Dr. Howard, as well as your own costs. 

To take one step further towards flight enjoyment

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