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Parabolic Flight - Zero G Training Programs

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Specialized Parabolic Flight Skills Training

Program 1:

Zero Gravity training for space flight preparation is an introductory program dedicated to the preparation and accompanying of participants to discover the reduced gravity environment and to learn basic skills of operations (movements, stabilization, fixation, simple task operation, team working) in a reduced gravity environment.

Program 2:

Zero Gravity astronaut training is a more specific program to train future astronaut candidates for a future (sub)orbital private or research flights. It leads into the next step of mastering the reduced gravity environment and focusses on improving and optimizing the work performance at individual and team levels. More elaborate tasks and tests will be proposed to the trainees to be performed during flights. These tasks can also be customized to serve the needs of the individual customers or team in order to train for future missions. 

Parabolic Flight Programs
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