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Dr. ir. Mindy Howard
Founding Director and Trainer

Mindy Howard has set out to passionately achieve her dream of going to space. After her 21 year career in the oil industry, working in 35 different countries as a trainer, senior leader and engineering advisor, Dr. Howard harnessed her academic and professional skills to create the first and only psychological space training program, “Inner Space Training”.  Dr. Howard is in discussions with several organizations to train, coach, and accompany commercial astronauts to space. In addition, Dr. Howard is working for Blue Abyss Ltd., the world’s first commercial astronaut training center as the Director of Inner Space Training. She has appeared on the Discovery and Travel Channels, and on the radio both in the United States and in Europe as a space correspondent and commentator. Dr. Howard is also a TEDx speaker (“Train your fear away, like an astronaut”) and is a Guest Lecturer at the International Space University. She is the author of her book entitled, “Blast off! Train like an astronaut for success on earth.”

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Prof. Dr. Ir. Vladimir Pletser
Parabolic Flight Expert and Trainer

Vladimir Pletser is currently Director of Space Training Operations at Blue Abyss, proposing new approaches for astronaut training.

He was previously Visiting Professor and Scientific Adviser at the Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, on microgravity research for parabolic flights and Chinese Space Station.

He was also Senior Physicist-Engineer at the European Space Research and Technology Centre, European Space Agency, developing scientific instruments for microgravity research on the International Space Station and coordinating ESA aircraft parabolic flight campaigns. He logged more than 7350 parabolas, equivalent to 39.5 hours of weightlessness or 26 Earth orbits.

Astronaut Candidate for Belgium, he trained as Payload Specialist at NASA-JSC and participated in three Mars mission simulations.

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Advisory Board

Frank has pioneered research and clinical methods in research methodology and statistics, imagery techniques (cancer), pain perception and rehabilitation, biofeedback, trans-personal psychology, and most recently, psycho-neuro-plasticity. He has published 12 best-selling books incorporating these concepts and published over 100 articles in research journals. He has served as Chairman, Advisory Board of Dr. Phil Show.  

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Marilyn Hamilton is the Founder of TDG Global Learning Connections and Integral City Meshworks Inc.. Author of Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive. Marilyn has a special interest in designing learning habitats for space exploration and colonization as a natural extension of her research into optimizing evolutionary human systems in eco-regional contexts.

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Finance Director

CEO of successful international business for over 20 years. Chairman of owners association. Olympic-level water polo athlete, trainer and coach with innate drive to motivate high-potential teams and individuals to excel. Sports entrepreneur and businessman.

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